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Reimagining the Levels, Making the Connections

During 2016, Rural Focus has assisted the Reimagining the Levels project, a community-based initiative that aims to safeguard and revitalise the natural and social capital in the Catchment of the Somerset Levels and Moors.


The project is developing its own website (www.reimaginingthelevels.org) but until that is up and running, the three project reports are available to download here.

Report downloads (PDFs)

Executive Summary  

(4 pages, 0.3 Mb)

Project Report  

(23 pages, 1.9 Mb)

Technical Annex  

(55 pages, 2.4 Mb)

The project and its reports address the growing threats that face the Levels and Moors from future river and marine flooding, and they look ahead to the challenges and opportunities that will result from Brexit.


The Reimagining the Levels group uses the report to advocate a more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable future for the countryside and communities of the catchment.


The title of the report ‘Reimagining the Levels – Making the Connections’ emphasises the need for joined-up thinking.  The report makes connections between how we manage the upper and middle catchments and the flooding that occurs in the lower catchment; between the food purchasing decisions of local consumers and the livelihoods and production methods of our farmers; and between the organisations that regulate and support land and water management and the people who are affected by their decisions.  


This main project report is split into four sections.  It starts by describing the characteristics of the catchment and the challenges facing the area.  It then sets out the group’s vision and objectives needed to ‘Reimagine the Levels’ and it concludes with a set of 11 recommendations for consideration by public bodies and local communities.


The report is supported by a Technical Annex that provides background information and data analysis.

TechnicalAnnex ProjectReport

Introductory Presentation 

As used at the Open Space Meeting on  16 November 2016 (12 slides, 0.5 Mb)